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RV Rentals Alberta is a division of Rent eh Tent Canada Ltd.
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About Us

Thank you for taking your time to consider my company. It is a family owned business, and as such, clients enjoy the advantages personalized service has to offer and the affordable rates we can pass on.

Started in 2003 providing camping equipment rentals and self guided camping vacations to guest form around the world. In 2005 we ventured into RV rentals to compliment our love of providing affordable family vacations in the backdrop of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains in the west, the badlands of the south the prairies of the east and boreal forests of the north. Thank you for getting to know us and enjoy the outdoors.

Mike Jorgensen

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions we get asked all the time.

Q: Do you supply insurance? A: No. We are not an insurance broker or company.

Q: Do I need insurance? A: If your insurance company will extend your insurance coverage (what ever that coverage plan is) to include the value of the trailer, then get them to add the value of the trailer while your renting it. Other wise, you wont have insurance coverage on the replacement cost of the trailer. Although your pull vehicles insurance will cover any 3 party liability claim in the event of an incident while the trailer is attached to your vehicle.

Q: Do you supply or have insurance coverage, if while I have the trailer, it is destroyed? A: No. As my insurance company doesn’t know who you are and what your liabilities are, they will not extend my insurance coverage to you while you have our trailer.

Q: Can I buy insurance to cover your trailer? A: No. As you don’t own the trailer, you can’t get insurance, for something you don’t own. Example: No one can take out life insurance on another person.

Q: Is there any insurance to cover any aspect of the trailer when I have your trailer? A: Yes. We hold physical liability coverage for if some one is personally injured by our trailer. Even while it’s in your position.

Q: Can I bring the trailer back on Sunday during a weekend rental? A: Yes. But, I we charge an extra $150.00 for Sunday returns to pay an employee for coming in on the only day we are closed. Other wise we simply ask that trailers are brought back on Monday as scheduled.

Q: Can I return a trailer after 3:30 pm on the last day of my rental? A: Yes. We will wait for you to return the trailer after hours but there is a $75.00 per hour charge after 3:30 pm.

Contact Information

For information regarding tent or trailer rentals please contact us.

Email: info@rentehtent.com
Phone Number: (780) 490-5464

Pick up location is at 5317-21 Ave in Edmonton.

Rent eh Tent Mailing Address

5317-21 Ave
Edmonton, AB
Phone: (780) 490-5464

For Services in Calgary or any other centre, please call our Edmonton office.

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In the event you have tried E-mailing Rent eh Tent Canada with a question and you do not hear from us, please contact us by phone
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